July 4, 2023

Why Your Pup Needs CBD This 4th of July

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Dogs benefit from CBD just like humans do.CBD can provide relief for dogs with inflammation and anxiety.

If your dog struggles with fireworks anxiety every year around this time, you’re not alone. Many of us incorporate CBD into our daily routine for things like depression, anxiety, and physical pain—but did you know that your pup could benefit from it too?

Should I Give My Pet CBD?

There are many reasons why loving pet owners choose to get pet-friendly CBD for their furry friends, from arthritis and joint pain to skin concerns and anxiety. If you have an anxious pet, then you know the Fourth of July can be one of the most triggering holidays of the year for them. The loud, sudden noises can cause their stress hormones to tell them to run and hide, making for a not-so-happy Independence Day.

For those of you considering whether to use CBD to calm your pet during the firework shows this holiday week, we’re breaking down everything you need to know. While only you can make this decision for your pet, we’re here to share what to consider if you’re on the fence. If you decide to go down the pet-friendly CBD route, our Marley & Me: Isolate Elixir is a stellar choice for calming your dog’s anxiety and stress.

Benefits of CBD for Dogs

You can find cannabidiol for pets in the form of CBD oil, pills, chews, and even dog treats. While they all make great options, we love treating our pets with CBD oil because it can easily be mixed right into their kibble or wet food. Now that you know CBD can be an effective way to ease your dog’s anxiety, let’s talk about some of the other amazing ways that cannabidiol can be a beneficial tool for your pet.

Here are a few more benefits of CBD for dogs to consider:

  1. Arthritis and Joint Support

Humans aren’t the only ones whose joints can deteriorate with age! Our pets can experience this as well, and it often leads to pain and discomfort. Just like CBD can be used to treat symptoms of arthritis and chronic joint inflammation in humans, it can do the same for our pets. Many pet owners use pet-friendly CBD to help ease the discomfort and stiffness related to arthritis and other joint issues in their pets.

  1. Epilepsy Treatment

Watching your dog suffer from epilepsy is heartbreaking for a pet owner and many seizure medications come with a wide range of awful side effects, so it can definitely feel like a lose-lose situation. Recent clinical trials have shown that CBD oil can be an effective way to reduce the frequency of seizures in dogs while also reducing the symptoms of epilepsy. So if you’re considering CBD for your dog’s epilepsy, it may be worth discussing with your veterinarian.

  1. Skin Health

Does your dog tend to roll around or scratch a lot? If so, they might be struggling with dry skin, allergies, or another skin-related health condition. While scratching may provide them with some relief in the moment, chronic scratching can lead to more serious issues like the deterioration of your pup’s skin barrier. CBD oil can help to reduce skin inflammation, preventing them from making the problem worse.

  1. Appetite and Nausea

If your dog has a sensitive stomach or struggles with their appetite due to an underlying medical condition, there’s a good chance that CBD oil could help them. Studies have proven that cannabidiol can be incredibly effective in reducing nausea and vomiting in dogs of all ages, so it’s certainly worth a shot if your pup is having difficulty keeping their food down or getting enough nutrients through food.

  1. Heart Health

One of the most impressive benefits of CBD is its ability to regulate the endocannabinoid system in both humans and animals, helping to maintain a natural state of balance and homeostasis in our bodies. If your dog is facing the symptoms of age-related heart conditions like increased blood pressure and heart rate, CBD oil could be a great way to reduce these symptoms while relieving short-term stress.

  1. Sleeping Aid

We all need adequate sleep to keep our bodies functioning properly—including our pets! If your dog has trouble falling or staying asleep, try giving them a small dose of CBD oil at night. No matter where their restlessness is coming from, whether it’s due to anxiety or illness, cannabidiol can help them to relax and sleep through the night. In addition, it’s likely that CBD will reduce other symptoms of whatever is causing your dog to lose sleep, making them feel healthier and happier all around.

Treating Your Dog with CBD for Fireworks Anxiety

If you choose to give your dog CBD this Fourth of July, mix a small dose of pet-friendly CBD oil into their food and make sure they eat it roughly fifteen to thirty minutes before the fireworks begin. Alternatively, you could apply it directly to their gums for optimal absorption. Now that you have the knowledge you need to make a decision, the ball is in your court!

From all of us here at CBD Livity, we’re wishing you a safe, happy, and stress-free Fourth of July celebration with your loved ones. For pet-friendly CBD, salves, candles, and more, be sure to check out our CBD Marketplace to find it all.

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July 4, 2023


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