April 21, 2022

Why Edibles Hit Different?: How to Manage the High

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Why Edibles Hit Different?: How to Manage the High

Apr 21, 2022


 Edibles are notorious for having an overpowering high, which can often creep and “hit you hard” out of nowhere. A survey of over 100,000 tweets mentioning cannabis edibles were analyzed with majority positive feedback. 

No matter if it’s THC Gummies, cookies, brownies, galore — edibles are known for being the easiest, most effective marijuana consumption forms.  But why are marijuana edibles so much more potent and delayed compared to smoking? And what do you do when you get “too high” from an edible? 


Intro to Ingestibles


When a weed edible is eaten, the THC is processed by the liver before entering our bloodstream causing it to chemically change into a more potent psychoactive metabolite, 11-hydroxytetrahydronnabinol (11-OH-THC). This stronger version of THC appears in the bloodstream in more concentrated quantities when ingested– making it not just more powerful but longer lasting as well, in comparison to vaporizing/smoking. 

The average edible dosage is 5mg THC & its overall effect of an individual is based on the user’s THC tolerance and if they’ve eaten food. A standard 5mg dose can last from 6 to 12 hours and includes the risk of racing heart rate and increased anxiety.


Edible Encyclopedia


While some may only think of the stereotypical marijuana brownie, gummy or even drink as edibles, there are a wide range of THC infused products on the market today – all with varying methods and results

THC Edibles

  • THC drinks may be slower acting but stay in the body longer. 
  • Tinctures are easy to use, accurate dosing and rather quick acting due to the direct absorption by your sublingual duct.
  •  Sprays are discrete and go under the tongue and are fastly absorbed by the sublingual duct
  • Dissolvables/powders have no taste and can be added to any solid or liquid
  • Solid dosing varies based on product, concentration per mg, and amount eaten.


How to Manage an Edible High




Be sure to read the packaging/label for dosing instructions before you consume anything! Studies show ~2.5mg THC is enough to produce a significant effect for most, while higher doses (up to 50mg!) are required for more frequent THC users.

Don’t eat anything until you understand how edibles are going to psychologically and physiologically affect you – increased heart rate, foggy mind, altered state of consciousness, etc. are all symptoms of THC. Going into the edible experience knowing what to expect can help soothe the mind if the high becomes overwhelming. 





Start small. You should be able to gauge the initial effect of an edible 30 to 90 minutes after consuming – peaking 2 to 4 hours after ingesting.

Enjoying your edible experience is the key purpose of getting high, but be prepared to have a self-soothing technique ready in case you feel the high becoming overbearing. Deep breathing, listening to calming music or just laying down can prevent the feeling from escalating. 

Drink and eat something! Drinking water and eating some munchies will nourish dry mouth, brain and body. Sugar & Caffeine have also been noted to help ease an overbearing high

CBD can actually counteract some of the psychoactive effects of THC, due to its anti-anxiety properties. In addition, pine nuts, black pepper and lemons are also known for reducing paranoia and anxiety which could be triggered by a THC edible. 

Keep your mind busy! Coloring books, crafts, puzzles, organizational tasks, video games, etc. will help your edible high time go by faster.





Edibles are excellent at what they do – just be sure you know what you’re doing! Always read the dosing and labeling so you know how much you’re consuming thus giving you a better understanding of how potent and long your high will be. 

2.5mg THC is the suggested starting amount to begin feeling a significant effect for those with a lower tolerance. If you’re unsure how much to take, start small and gauge after one hour. You can always eat more but can’t un-digest THC! 

Understand the powerful and longer-lasting effects of THC edibles before consuming. Being prepared for its effects can prevent increasing anxiety and paranoia during the high. If you do start feeling overwhelmed (or like you’re dying), take centering breaths and begin utilizing self-soothing techniques. Take some CBD and rest if needed, you’re high won’t last forever! And don’t worry; there is no such thing as dying from an edible!

Have fun & please enjoy your experience safely by purchasing third-party tested edibles.

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