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We are budding with quality

We understand cannabis, and we know not all cannabis is created equal. We seek partnerships with only the most reputable and highest quality sources available. All our products possess a third-party tested Certificate of Analysis, which can be accessed in their product photos.

We stem from a holistic approach

Yes, the compounds in hemp are fascinating and incredibly beneficial! But we also understand that there are many other plants with powerful benefits as well. We use our knowledge of holistic medicine to create unique products using all-natural ingredients that have been researched for specific uses. Each chosen ingredient compliments the effects of the CBD and creates a more significant product.

We are rooted in our love for hemp & Sustainability

Our love for hemp runs deep. We’ve been advocating for the industrial uses of hemp for close to 10 years. This plant has the ability to sustainably replace paper, plastic, building materials, fossil fuels, and more. We, at CBD Livity, use hemp materials every opportunity we get including business cards, hemp shirts, and of course hemp seed oil in almost all of our recipes. If the opportunity to use hemp isn’t there, we always opt in for the more sustainable solution.

We plant the seed by giving back

Through the power of hemp, our goal is to help our community and our environment simultaneously. CBD Livity has pledged to donate a portion of every sale to The Project Livity Foundation, our partner 501c3 non-profit that aims to connect hemp resources including nutrition, clothing, medicine, building materials and more to vulnerable communities. Just like the compounds in hemp work better together; by working together, we make a more significant impact than any one of us alone.