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Pay It Forward Program


Everyone can benefit from CBD. Chances are when you first learned about all that CBD can do, you had at least one specific person in mind that you wanted to share the information with.

CBD is about healing. CBD Livity is about helping. Our morals consist of honesty, integrity, and generosity and our mission is to educate and help build a brighter tomorrow. We believe that everything is connected, and if we all work together, we can collectively manifest the change in which we seek.

The Pay It Forward Program is a step in this direction. It’s a program formulated so everyone wins. We partner with affiliates who want to help change lives by sharing their knowledge of CBD, and in return, CBD Livity rewards them with a commission for each referred purchase. Affiliate partners are also offered incentives to continue growing the movement. These referred clients now have the opportunity to take advantage of all that CBD and CBD Livity have to offer. Because this program is all about PAYING IT FORWARD, we have decided to donate $1 of each referred purchase total to a charity selected every 6-12

The charity we have selected for July 2019 is Hope House, a local Norfolk, Virginia based charity that provides day to day assistance to those with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities. Hope House assists by adapting to the individual’s lifestyle, tending to each individual’s needs and desires, and helping the individual be just as they are – an individual. Services that they offer include Personal Care, Grocery Shopping, Meal Preparation, Household Maintenance, Community Involvement, Social Skills & Recreation, Budgeting and Spending, and more.

If you are interested in joining the Pay It Forward Program, please fill out this brief form and we will reach out to you shortly, We are excited to collaborate and collectively change the world!


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