January 26, 2021

How we Harvest our Hemp

CBD Livity

How we Harvest our Hemp

Jan 26, 2021

Hemp farms have been sprouting up all over the country (us included) after the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill — but not all hemp across the United States is being grown and harvested with the amount of care and environmental consideration that we provide.   

We begin cultivating ours in cell trays with organic soil mix. Once they are a few weeks old we transplant the hemp babies into the nutrient-rich soil of Virginia Beach, Virginia under the guidance of our Colorado master grower, Jeffery M. 

We organically care for our pretty ladies with natural agricultural solutions, so no harmful chemicals involved! We are currently undergoing the process of being Certified USDA Organic and are looking forward to sharing our certification soon! 

CBD Livity is committed to a more sustainable future & we take into account our business’ actions on our planet. 


When to harvest

Our master grower, Jeff M. transplants our first batch.

While the main Virginia harvests are done in October, the amazing hemp plant has the ability to grow in a wide range of varying climates so there isn’t necessarily a set harvest season. We grow our hemp all year round in both our fields and greenhouse. 

The main stalks in the fields are cut down using bypass loppers (tree trimmers) and then hand hung in a contained environment for drying. 

We are able to identify when the plants are ready for harvest through weekly Cannabinoid testing to ensure that they’re at optimal Cannabinoid levels and their THC percentage remains below 0.3% (the federal limit). When a hemp plant has reached its optimal Cannabinoid level, their pistils (hairs) will transition from white to orange and their trichomes will turn to a golden centre. 



Drying process

Harvested hemp is dried to remove excess moisture and chlorophyll, which improves both the taste and smoothness of the smokeable flower. However, curing/drying hemp is a game of patience and precision to win the best buds. 

We keep our harvested hemp in a 40-60% humidity-controlled environment at 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit for anywhere between 5 to 15 days.  

We hang our hemp upside down in a humidity controlled environment.

It’s essential that the flower is kept in these ideal conditions otherwise mold may spread if there is too much moisture and not enough air circulation. Or the flower could become too dry due to too much air circulation resulting in a loss of terpenes/cannabinoids and hard buds which are harsh to smoke.  

By the end of the drying process, the bud should contain 14-15% of its moisture and around 10% or less for finished flower products.  




Our co-founder, Savana, and our intern, Danielle, hand buck our dried harvested hemp.

Once the branches of a hemp plant snap rather than bend, they are ready to move into the next phase of our harvesting process. We initially go in using trimming shears to separate stems with buds from their main stalk, then we use pruning snips to separate the buds from the stems and trim away any sugar leaves and fan leaves. Any leftover popcorn buds are hand bucked for biomass.


Throughout and after the trimming process, we are consistently inspecting the buds for any pests, diseases or foreign matter to guarantee our artisan grown hemp flower is ready for any close-ups. 



Leftover biomass 

Leftover sugar leaves, fan leaves and other biomass are separated into a bin to be extracted at a facility for concentrates and extracts. The remaining stalks are reserved in a separate compost or burn pile. 



Even the packaging of our flower takes into account the environmental impact our business has on our planet. 

To even further preserve the freshness of our artisan grown hemp flower in Quarters, we include a Boveda humidity control pack to make sure you’re receiving the freshest flower.  In addition, the tubes and Quarter bags can be reused to preserve the freshness of your future flower!

tubes and Quarter food-grade preservation bags 100% recyclable they are also biodegradable so you can feel good about feeling good! 



CBD Livity is committed to providing you with the highest quality artisan grown hemp flower for your consumption, while also carefully considering our business’ impact on the environment. 

A portion of every purchase with us is donated to Project Livity, our 501-c nonprofit which provides communities in need with eco-friendly and hemp-based solutions such as clothing, nutrition, building materials and more.

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