The Hidden Benefits of CBD For Athletes

Jul 8, 2019

We all adore our athletes when they make us proud on national and international stages, but have you ever wondered what it costs them? Professional athletes put their sweat and blood to achieve their goals, and it’s possible only through rigorous training and brutal contact, which results in adverse effects such as internal and external injuries, prolonged wear and tear of muscles, pain and soreness, and other unknown disturbances to the body. 

It’s a fact that they are forced to use pain relievers like NSAIDs and supplements to fight inflammation, reduce stress, enhance blood flow, prevent depression, combat oxidative damage, relieve pain, and initiate faster recovery. However, recent studies reveal that the chronic use of such medication might be causing more harm than good.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to find safer and improved methods of dealing with sports-related injuries and traumas, professionals are waking up to the benefits of naturally occurring substance cannabidiol or CBD. Even the World Anti Doping Agency, an international agency aimed to bring up to date and consistent conclusions on drug involvement in all sports across all countries, removed CBD from their prohibited substances list. Athletes are now turning towards legal CBD to recover and heal naturally and safely. Let’s discover how CBD is contributing to athletes’ health, lifestyle, and performance.

What Is CBD and How Does It Work?

CBD is the compound extracted from the ancient herb Cannabis Sativa. It is one of the many cannabinoids found in the plant. While cannabis is one of the most controversial substances, CBD is said to have several health benefits. To experience its goodness, using safe methods, CBD is extracted from the plant to craft a variety of products like CBD oil, tinctures, balms, supplements, drinks, and more. These products are easy to consume and provide the best of what this nature’s miracle has to offer us.

CBD has been under scrutiny due to its origin. However, studies suggest that it is well-suited for all mammalian bodies because of its ability to work naturally. Our body is no stranger to the effects of CBD. It interacts with our endocannabinoid system in the brain and stimulates the receptors that are responsible for triggering the body’s healing response and promote feelings of wellness. CBD naturally replenishes the system that is significant in maintaining good health.

Relaxes Body and Fastens Recovery 

Working out can put your body under an enormous amount of stress, making you exhausted and fatigued. This kind of strain on the mind and body can cause oxidative damage that can deter the immune system and cause severe problems like chronic fatigue syndrome, and depression. It could also impact their performance and the body’s healing abilities. Nevertheless, CBD can reduce stress in the body and help the body recover at a faster pace. 

Reduces Inflammation and Pain

Several studies have highlighted the benefits of CBD in reducing pain and inflammation, which occur due to prolonged and rigorous training sessions. CBD is said to have anti-inflammatory properties that are effective in reducing the inflammation-related problems. Upon interaction with the body, it acts by triggering receptor activity in the brain that relieves pain. CBD works at two levels; by altering the emotional centre of the brain and producing analgesia to repair the damage at the source of the pain.

A Safer Alternative To NSAIDs and Opioids

Use of NSAIDs pain relievers and Opioid pain medication is quite common among athletes because of its instant effect. However, frequent use of these medications has resulted in severe damage, addiction, and death. As for CBD, it is neither addictive, nor does it involve other kinds of risks. Since it repairs the body naturally without off-balancing other internal chemical responses, it is deemed safer than the aforementioned pain management solutions.

Lessens Anxiety and Improves Mood

We know that anxiety and depression can impact performance negatively. Indeed, CBD does not have psychoactive effects, but it can alter the mind and mood of the user safely. It can reduce performance-related anxiety and modulate mood. CBD is certainly beneficial in improving the performance and overall sense of achievement.

Boosts Sleep Quality

Plays a significant role in the recovery and healing of the body, sound sleep can fetch some outstanding results. Many times, physical exhaustion, anxiety, and stress can deprive you of good night’s sleep. An athlete cannot afford to do that because poor sleep will hinder athletes’ recovery and performance. Therefore, professionals are turning to CBD, which relaxes the mind and body and eliminates sleep troubles. 

Keeps Gut Healthy

Use of NSAIDs and supplements to treat inflammation usually causes gastrointestinal symptoms. This is one of the prime reasons why athletes are forced to retire early. Even though there is no evidence of CBD’s impact on treating stomach issues, it can help in treating underlying inflammation issues that might be causing gut problems. A healthy gut is a key to a healthy body.


CBD is still a growing industry. However, it is rising to prominence rapidly, and it is expected to transform pain management methods for athletes. With its ability to help athletic recovery, provide relief from pain, and aid quality sleep, it has a great potential to enhance overall performance and training routine.