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Established in 2015, CBD Livity was created as a hobby, with the purpose of educating family and friends about the benefits of CBD, Hemp and Cannabis. Since then, we have turned our passion into our full time commitment, and are grateful to be an established East Coast CBD company who provides an honest and affordable option for CBD wellness. CBD Livity is built off of strong morals and a mission to heal the world.

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Legalize It

Many states in the U.S. have legalized and began to take full advantage of Cannabis, whether legalizing the female Cannabis plant for medicinal and recreational use, or the male Cannabis plant (Hemp).

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What others are saying

“I was pretty sore in both shoulders after working out and receiving a deep tissue massage, and I had an unopened sample of the CBD Salve right beside my Deep Relief oil. I decided to apply the CBD to my right shoulder and the Deep Relief to my left. Almost immediately, I felt the pain on the right side dissipate. Throughout the rest of the day, I could feel a significant difference between the two sides. The CBD Salve won the pain relief contest.”

- Fran Z.

I started using the Extra Strength CBD infused hemp salve the day that I purchased it from CBD Livity. Within three days, the Eczema on my hand completely cleared up. Since then, I use it daily and my hands have never felt better. I work with my hands as a hairdresser and they are always dry but not anymore! If I have a cut on my hand, it heals faster. I have passed this product on to a couple of clients and they all love it as well.”

- Briana M.

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