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Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is an organically derived molecule, most commonly found in the Hemp plant (but is also naturally present in the female Cannabis as well). The reason CBD is so beneficial is because within our bodies, we each have an Endocannabinoid System that responds to CBD, telling it what the body needs to thrive. Ultimately, CBD (and other cannabinoids) works to balance immunological, physiological, and psychological processes. Homeostasis is the goal. Cannabinoid receptors are located all throughout the body, including the brain, the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system (digestive tract, immune system, skin cells, heart, etc.) which is why research suggests cannabinoids provide such general health benefits.

1 Acre of Hemp can yield

Pounds of Grain

Project Livity is a 501c3 non-profit created to educate people around the world about the healing benefits of Hemp and cannabis and to provide hemp resources to those in need. Whether using Hemp for clothing, nutrition, medicine, or an eco-friendly alternative, millions of people throughout all regions of the world could apply Hemp solutions to their everyday needs. A portion of every CBD Livity sale is donated to The Project Livity Foundation.

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“Got my package today and so far I’m obsessed.”

– Amanda B.

“You guys are the best!! Super useful…”

-Maurizo O.

“I got my first order the other day and can I just tell you I’m beyond happy with it!! It smells wonderful. It is so soft and soothing.”


“So far I love it!!… I’ve recommended everything to a few people!”

-Stephanie S

“I’m in love with this stuff as well as the subtle scent I find myself opening the jar just to smell it! So now I do not want to be without it lol and I want a backup jar.”


“Attended a Hemp conference and received a sample… This is magic!!! Cant wait until my order gets here!!!”

– Marilyn E.

“I use CBD Salve for my shoulders, wrists, headaches and period cramps. Pretty much everything.”

– Kim S.

“I use this before and the 2 days after leg day and I feel like I can run 4 miles.”

– Tori A.

“This all natural salve is an all around great product.”

– D.H.

“I have the same CBD Salve right here. It is amazing guys!!! Thank y’all down in Virginia beach for sending your product up here to Natural Mystics in Fredericksburg.”

– Robert B.

“I have to say I’m quite impressed. I took CBD before work and noticed my stress level during certain situations was a lot more tolerable, and tightness in muscles I usually get daily were almost nil. Thanks again and you have just gained a couple of return customers for sure.”

-Dennis S.

“Thanks for your high quality stuff! The salve is my favorite!”

– Bri G.

“We use it everyday! Natural and effective. Thanks.”

– Carmen G.

“I bought a jar of salve from you all at the Flower Fest… It honestly is one of the best things I’ve used all my life.”

-Judy A.

“So glad I came across your products. It helped my back out so much throughout my pregnancy!”

-Maria G.

“Your product is amazing, my knees feel so good; I am able to go back to yoga, I can walk up and down the steps… Please do not discontinue this product at all.. I love you guys. Thank you so much.”

-Judy A.

“The most amazing product”

– Dave F.

“A friend picked up a sample of the salve from an expo and it has worked wonders! I couldn’t believe how quickly my body responded. It truly has provided a level of relief that I’d just assumed was no longer possible for me. So thankful!”

– Jamie J.

“I started taking the Synergy Elixir about 5 weeks ago and it’s already been life changing.”

– Elaine C.R.

“The products are great and I can recommend the CBD Synergy Elixir and Extra Strength Salve. I use them regularly and love it!”

– Mariana G

“I’ve tried lots of different CBD oils, etc, but I will say this one is my favourite! Great tastes and in terms of strength, it’s up there with CW.”

– Carlos M

“I use the Extra Strength Salve. Love this stuff. Great quality.”

– Elaine R

“CBD Livity is the absolute best available… CBD LIVITY IS TOP SHELF IN EVERY ASPECT. Unlike other companies, its not just a way to profit off people’s lives. CBD Livity is a local establishment providing the ray of hope to PROMOTE LIFE…”

– Russ S.

“Great item. I love it! Works awesome!!”

– Aaron P

“Hello. I am so impressed w/ CBD Livity. CBD Livity’s prices are AMAZING; $10-$15 cheaper of the powdered isolate than anywhere else I’ve found and their shipping was cheaper also… Thank you CBD LIVITY for all you do.”

– David W.

“CBD Livity’s Salve is a great product! Highly recommend giving it a try!”

– Lindsay S

“We received two samples of the salve in our subscription box and we absolutely love it. It literally is a miracle product and we will be purchasing some more SOON!”

– Rebecca W

“I was hesitant but decided to try the CBD oil from CBD Livity with a recommendation of a friend… I honestly think its helped me from some dark days. On days I have taken, I’ve noticed more calmness and I’m able to crawl into bed hours earlier and fall asleep quickly. I highly recommend.”

– Jamie H

“This is hands down the BEST product I have found here in Virginia… This salve keeps me moving and grooving at work and at home…”

– Jamie G

“This stuff is amazing!”

– Fredda P.J.

“Hands down my favorite CBD.”

– Karin L.

“I just received my Extra Strength Salve and I love it even more than the original! Thank you so much.”

– Abby C

“I have been taking CBD off and on for about 4 years now. I have heard only good things about your company. I have the 400mg salve and I think its phenomenal. Will be ordering the elixir tincture… Thank you”

– Joshua S.

“I love the Salve, the smell the tecture, everything.”

– Jen F.

“Hi! I’ve been using your products for the last month and I’m incredibly happy with the results.”

-Dan R

“I love it! I have had two massages with the salve and it’s really helped me to feel more relaxed and at ease.”

– Jessica B

“Thank you so much… I want to tell everyone about it!”

-Tasha S

“Thank you CBD Livity for opening my mind to the effects of real natural alternatives!”

– Neil C

“I take the Synergy Elixir every day. If youre looking for a strong, local CBD product, this is seriously the way to go…”

– Sabrina H

“I have purchased your Synergy Elixir 2 or 3 times in the past. I love it!!… I want to tell you how much I appreciate your time and efforts to work with me today!! Amazing service. Thank you!!!”

– Jennifer R

“I simply wanted to take the time to say thank you for your product, but more importanty your confidence in the CBD oil as well as your professionalism. As I went through the day I did notice my shoulder wasn’t bothering me as it normally would. I have taken it everyday since. I absolutely believe that it’s making a difference.”

-Eboli C

“I just wanted to say that I am a huge fan of your CBD. Thank you so much for the product. I look forward to placing another order. Thanks again for the awesome customer service. Much love to all of y’all.”

-David O

“I bought some of your products in DC at an event and I must say your Extra Strength Salve is incredible!”

– Meenz H

“Loooove my candle.”

– Anna B

“I’ll be introducing this product to a few family and friends for the first time. I’m pretty excited to witness their reaction because I know first hand how much it’s helped me. You guys; hands down, have the best salve…EVER!!”

-Willie B

“I love this stuff.”

-Jenny W

“This stuff smells amazing!”

– Liz W

“A friend of mine uses the Extra Strengh Salve. They swear by it.”

-Bruce A

“I use the Elixir everyday and It’s freaking amazing!!!!”

-Mandy C

“I use your Salve and love it.”

– Kurt T

“Been interested in checking out CBD for a while now, and went ahead and got some products from CBD Livity. The Synergy Elixir’s effects were noticed immediately.”

– Anonymous

“Hey guys, I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much your CBD Salve has changed my life…Thank you for making this wonderful product!”

– Hina Z

“This stuff really works.”

– D.E.

“I’ve really been enjoying the CBD> It is nice throughout the day. Sometimes I get a little paranoid when smoking tree and it actually helped subside the feeling!! The salve is working great on my knee that’s been acting up as well!”

– Shawn F

“This product is Great!!!”

– Torrence H

“Love this, I have the 200mg and it feels so wonderful…”


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"We encourage you to discuss CBD with your physician or healthcare practitioner if you have any specific health related questions or concerns. There are also many independent research studies about CBD available on the internet."

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease.


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